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BOKRA  ...a brand new tomorrow

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Immersive Reality Virtual Tour Overview

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How would this add value to your business ?
- Showcase Venue on both your website & our dedicated brand page we create for you.
- Send Active links by email & whatsapp to your audience/advertisements.

- Planning a Franchise Model ? This should help a lot.

- Google Street View / Google Business View Integration (optional)
- 3D model fully hosted on an 99.9% up-time servers.
- Google research Statistics: 40% extra interest generation.

Examples and VR Demo

This is a still flat static photo:

20191229_185407 (%).jpg

This is a 360 photo <animated for your review>

virtual tours powered by:

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Anchor: CityWalk

Immersive Reality Demo :  Dubai City Walk Apartment 

Try it now: Click and walk into apartment 

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BOKRA  ...a brand new tomorrow

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